The case for HS2 East: Our route to future prosperity – The eastern leg of HS2 has never been more critical to the economic prosperity of the North and Midlands regions.

HS2’s Eastern Leg – impact and benefits

Set to run from Birmingham’s Curzon Street station to the HS2 East Midlands Hub at Toton, to Chesterfield, Sheffield and Leeds, with the potential to extend to Newcastle and on to Scotland, the Eastern Leg of HS2 Phase 2b will connect communities that are home to over 13 million people and six million jobs.
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Why HS2 East?



  • One-third of economic benefit of HS2 Eastern Leg generated from greater connectivity between city regions.
  • Leeds, Sheffield, East Midlands and Birmingham will be better connected to each other, creating a powerful Northern super-economy of 8 million people and 4 million jobs, all within one hour’s travel time.
  • Connecting airports such as Leeds-Bradford, Birmingham, Nottingham, East Midlands and Newcastle to HS2 will provide game-changing access to international markets and provide greater resilience to the UK’s international connectivity.
  • Linking places to the new high speed network with new HS2 stations will deliver millions of pounds of value to communities through improved connectivity.


  • Huge potential for a region of 13 million people.
  • The Eastern Leg of HS2 delivers a greater financial benefit, at a lower cost, than any other part of HS2.
  • Our world class universities and further education colleges will provide the skills and expertise that HS2 will need.
  • We have some of the UK’s biggest concentrations of manufacturing and our important existing specialisms throughout the rail supply chain are already a major source of employment – sectors that can only go from strength to strength with HS2.


  • HS2 East cities have a combined economy larger than Denmark’s.
  • HS2 East cities provide 27% of UK GDP.
  • Eastern Leg of HS2 promises £4.2bn in economic benefit.
  • Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham and Derby together generate £100bn for the national economy (GVA, 2012).
  • Urban renewal directly incorporating and facilitated by HS2 will attract hundreds of millions of pounds in investment, tens of thousands of new jobs, and will regenerate areas to become economically sustainable for the long term.
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