Three-phase approach to improved connectivity between the North and Midlands

July 2023: The SLC Rail report identifies a three-phase process of better connecting the North East, Leeds, Sheffield, the East Midlands, Birmingham and London.

The three phases build on the proposals within the Integrated Rail Plan by offering much-improved inter-city and inter-regional connectivity, and can be delivered at an estimated saving of £7.4 billion on the forecasted cost of delivering the full eastern leg of HS2.

HS2 East SLC Report July 2023

The case for HS2 East

Our route to future prosperity

The eastern leg of HS2 has never been more critical to the economic prosperity of the North and Midlands regions.

Delivering HS2 East alongside Northern Powerhouse Rail, Midlands Engine Rail, and other much-needed improvements to our conventional rail network will free us from the capacity constraints that are holding back our towns and cities.

The Case For HS2 East

Mind the gap: The role of HS2’s Eastern Leg in bridging England’s east-west divide

September 2021

In this report, we outline the economic and social disparities between communities on the Western and Eastern Legs of HS2, demonstrating that a pervasive East – West divide provides the clinching case for why the Eastern Leg of HS2 Phase 2b must be built in its entirety.

Mind the gap report September 2021

The case for an integrated new rail network serving the Eastern Leg

A report by Volterra Partners, June 2020

This report sets out the necessity of delivering the HS2 Eastern Leg (EL) at the earliest available opportunity and continuing at pace with proposed measures integrating the scheme into local transport networks.

Don’t Cut Here!

How changes to HS2 will leave £bns of economic growth on the table.

HS2 East offers levelling up through sustained economic growth for at least the next three generations. Waiting for our children’s children to come of age before the Eastern Leg and Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR) is delivered in full is not an option.

The National Infrastructure Commission’s report considers putting HS2 East into the sidings and ignoring locally prepared HS2 growth strategies. This case study is intended to highlight the enormous opportunities for the UK economy that will drive growth but currently are at risk of being thwarted.

Don't Cut Here Chesterfield