HS2 Climate Change Events

Nov 2, 2021

COP26: Environmentally Focused HS2 Events

During COP 26, HS2 Limited will be running a series of environmentally focused webinars and a ‘virtual pavilion’, highlighting how it tackles climate change.

Rail travel is already one of the lowest carbon-emitting forms of transport, and as the national grid takes more energy from renewable sources, HS2 will become ultimately carbon neutral.

HS2 can cut car travel by 1.2 million miles each day, saving 18 million litres of petrol each year. In addition, it will provide a credible alternative to flying on domestic and North-Western European journeys.

Now more than ever, there is a critical need to shift towards more sustainable travel, especially in the freight sector.

Moving freight by rail uses 76% less carbon than the equivalent road movement, and HS2 will increase railway freight capacity, allowing 144 extra freight trains to run on UK railways every day, taking millions of lorries off our roads each year.

To further highlight how HS2 is tackling climate change, HS2 will be hosting a virtual pavilion during the COP26 Summit.

Visitors to the pavilion will be able to navigate a CGI replica of the Interchange station in the West Midlands, learning how HS2 is tackling climate change in four key areas:

  • Decarbonising transport, the UK biggest emitter of carbon
  • Employing cleaner construction methods
  • Creating award-winning sustainable stations
  • The Green Corridor, Britain’s most significant environmental project.

You can visit the HS2 virtual pavilion by clicking here.

In addition to the virtual pavilion, HS2 will host a series of three webinars. Hosted by HS2 Ltd experts and external partners, the webinar series will examine how HS2 has become an industry leader in sustainability and building back better.

The three webinars are entitled:


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