HS2 East response to IRP study terms of reference

Jul 18, 2023

HS2 East response to IRP Study terms of reference

Leeds City Council Leader Councillor James Lewis and Nottinghamshire County Council Leader Ben Bradley MP, co-chairs of the HS2 East partnership, said:

“We welcome the publication of the terms of reference for the study into how to bring high-speed rail to Leeds, but we are absolutely clear that this cannot be as a single spur from the west of the Pennines.

“Increased connectivity and capacity between Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham and Birmingham – half of England’s Core Cities – is critical to delivering the economic growth and recovery we desperately need, and the 15 million people of the east of the country will not travel west by rail to make a north-south journey between their neighbouring cities and communities.

“Over the last 10 years authorities and partners across the North and Midlands have been working together to develop our case for high-speed rail between our regions and have already begun preparing for it.

“Earlier this week we published our report outlining a three-phase approach to deliver improved inter-city and inter-regional connectivity, building on the Integrated Rail Plan’s proposals and at a reduced cost compared to the full eastern leg of HS2. This report recognised that high-speed rail solutions via Newark or Manchester had significant flaws and did not address the connectivity issues of the east. 

“We have already shared this report with government and will be seeking the opportunity to discuss how we can incorporate its proposals into the Integrated Rail Plan study, so we can secure these benefits for the North and Midlands.”

Read the latest HS2 East report at: https://hs2east.co.uk/hs2-east-slc-rail-report-july-2023/

Cllr James Lewis, Leader of Leeds City Council
HS2 East logo
Cllr Ben Bradley MP