The University of York

“The UK Government has signified clearly its desire to ‘level up’ the UK’s economy by seeking opportunities to invest in the North.

York City can play a major role in supporting the Government’s ambition for the UK to become a technology superpower, with powerful research and development strategies to maximise business growth and innovation and skills development. Sustainable transport systems are integral to the delivery of that ambition and to achieving the Government’s stated ambition to achieve net carbon zero status.

The University of York, therefore, supports calls to ensure the delivery of HS2 East because integrated and effective transport is fundamental to maximising the potential outcomes of investing in the North. We are a global university and connectivity is vital to enabling us to attract the best students and staff from all over the world. Now, more than ever, the world needs bright minds to tackle a range of complex challenges.

The city of York offers a range of very exciting opportunities to drive post-Covid-19 economic recovery, resilience and reinvention to impact on the whole region. York Central, adjacent to York Rail station is a brownfield site development opportunity equivalent to the size of the Kings Cross development, is a major opportunity to create a knowledge hub that harnesses the city’s strengths in research and development capacity in digital creativity (, quantum communications (, safe autonomous systems (, and the bioeconomy (, and supports major inward investment. Optimising the potential from York Central will require major investment in sustainable transport including major projects such as HS2 East.

The University is playing its part in driving forward economic opportunity for the city, region and country. We collaborate with institutions across the globe, through partnerships, networks and research and HS2 East is vital to our continued ability to support UK PLC.”

Professor Charlie Jeffery

Vice-Chancellor & President

University of York

University of York Case Study

“Modern dynamic cities require world-class transport infrastructure and systems. York city has a long history in the development of the country’s railways. Our Grade II listed station is a physical reminder of the key role played by the city in pioneering rail travel in the UK and continuing to ensure the region remains connected.”

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